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Couple sets sail with own coffee

A love of coffee – and wanting to expand the palates of Clintonville residents – are inspiring a local couple to take their passion to the next level.

Launched in 2018, Anchor Bend Coffee Roasters was created after founders and co-owners Devin and Jessica Howard didn’t have access to specialty coffee, they said.

“Where we previously lived, we didn’t have access to good coffee, so we did an internet search and learned how to make our own coffee,” Devin Howard said.

“When we first started, we purchased an old popcorn popper and roasted some coffee. We didn’t know what we were doing and were just learning along the way.”

The couple, who originally started roasting coffee for themselves, never envisioned it would turn into a business.

When it did, the Howards went with a name that reflects their love of sailing.

Jessica Howard, who grew up near Lake Erie, said when they were first learning how to roast coffee, they also learned a lot from a friend who was roasting his own coffee at home.

That was something they didn’t know was possible at the time.

“We became interested in quality, fresh and sustainable coffee (and) we became intrigued with the concept of home roasting,” Jessica Howard said.

“It was important (for) us to see where our coffee beans (were) coming from and to experiment to make a really great cup of coffee.”

Later the couple was able to purchase a coffee roaster that roasts five pounds of coffee at a time and so they’ve graduated from their old popcorn popper.

“We consider ourselves a micro-roaster because we roast coffee in small batches,” Devin Howard said.

“Our goal is not to roast large quantities at a time and instead stay small.”

Jessica Howard added that what makes Anchor Bend Coffee different is they use a manual coffee roaster and specialize in fresh, high quality beans that are roasted in small batches.

“Our varieties are limited and based on availability, carefully sourced and each variety is specifically chosen and roasted to enhance the flavor of that particular bean,” she said.

The varieties Anchor Bend Coffee offers include medium roast, light roast and dark roast. They are experimenting with other flavors right now, but are still finalizing those products before selling them.

Their coffee is sourced in countries such as Colombia, Brazil and Ethiopia.

“We make sure all our coffee is ethically sourced and ensure the farms we purchase coffee from pay their employees a respectable wage, have safe and clean working conditions and treat their employees fairly,” Devin Howard said.

Prices for coffee range from $12- $16 per bag and can be purchased at local stores.

Currently, Anchor Bend Coffee is sold at Weiland’s Market and The Hills Market Downtown.

Parents at Balanced Family Academy in Clintonville also can enjoy Anchor Bend Coffee in the morning when they drop their children off for daycare and preschool.

“We like to support local Clintonville businesses and after learning about their story, it seemed like the perfect fit,” said Courtney Lewis, owner of Balanced Family Academy.

“We love that they roast the coffee in their home in Clintonville and the parents enjoy their product. Also, as a small business owner, we must support other small business owners in the community, so we are proud to work with Anchor Bend Coffee.”

Jessica Howard said the Clintonville community has been very welcoming to them and their new business and they can’t think of anywhere better to be located. “There’s no better spot in the state than Columbus and we specifically love Clintonville,” she added.

“Clintonville is the ideal neighborhood, being both an urban community and a welcoming neighborhood where people celebrate their differences and come together to support one another.”

Anchor Bend Coffee is considering adding online local delivery options for residents in the Clintonville area in the future.

For more information on Anchor Bend Coffee Roasters, visit the couple’s web site at

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