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Organizers seek sites for July 10 garden tour

Organizers of the annual Clintonville Garden Tour are seeking gardeners willing to open their yards for this year’s tour.

The annual event is tentatively scheduled for Sunday, July 10.

The goal is to have the widest variety possible, so all kinds of gardens are welcome: theme gardens such as Asian-style gardens, rock gardens, fairy gardens, railroad gardens, or container gardens; ornamentals or edibles or a mixture of both; cottage-style or formal gardens.

Desirable features include extensive use of native plants and no-mow yards; striking plant combinations making use of color, foliage and texture; ideas which other gardeners might incorporate into their own gardens, such as productive vegetable garden techniques; good use of available garden space; and well-designed hardscape.

The Clintonville Open Garden Tour began in 2012 and has featured dozens of public and private gardens within Clintonville’s boundaries throughout the years. As always, the tour is free and self-guided.

Previous hosts have reported 100 or more visitors. Hours are noon to 5 p.m., and hosts are asked to be present throughout to welcome visitors and answer questions.

The tour is gently curated; organizers visit gardens before including them on the tour.

For more information, search for “Clintonville Garden Tour” on Facebook or send an email to

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